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Our Guiding Language

At the Arrow Family of Companies, our mission to serve our customers, communities, employees and shareholders has never been clearer. Here’s how we define our purpose and look to shape our future together.

Our Mission

Our mission statement reflects our purpose – why we do what we do.

"To strengthen financial lives within our communities through the power of care, capability, commitment and collaboration."

  • We care about our customers, our team and our communities.
  • We share our expertise and our technology to help improve financial lives.
  • We follow through with determination – we do the right thing!
  • We work together, as a team and in our communities.

Our Vision

Our vision statement reflects what we hope to achieve tomorrow.

“To build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our customers, employees and shareholders.”

Through our partnership, we aim to deliver meaningful engagement that translates into long-term value for our team, our customers and our investors.

Our Culture

Our culture statement reflects key values that guide us today and will continue to guide us tomorrow.

Graphic of a house - We are your neighbors.We are your neighbors: Since 1851, we have been caring for our communities through charitable giving and volunteerism. It’s not only what we do as financial professionals; it’s who we are as neighbors.

Graphic of three people - A great team delivers great results.We believe a great team delivers great results: Our strength comes from within. By developing and investing in our team, we ensure success today and tomorrow.

Graphic of a clipboard and checklist - We continuously improve.We continuously improve: By listening to the needs of our employees, customers, communities and shareholders, we find new ways to improve our experience, processes and offerings.

Graphic of trees - We do the right thing, the right way.We do the right thing, the right way: Every day, our team delivers value without compromising the ethical conduct and sound risk management that got us here and with consideration to future sustainability and social impact of our actions.

Graphic of line chart - We make data-driven decisions.We make data-driven decisions: Data always has a seat at our decision-making table. It helps us understand our audiences, our challenges and our opportunities, resulting in more effective and efficient solutions.

Graphic of hands holding a heart - We value differences.We value differences: When people feel respected and heard, they are empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work. Likewise, embracing differences within our communities helps us understand and meet their diverse needs.