Thomas J. Murphy

Thomas J. Murphy, age 62, has been a Director of the Company since 2012 and a Director of Glens Falls National Bank since 2011. He has been CEO of the Company and Glens Falls National Bank since 2013. In 2012, he became President of the Company and Glens Falls National Bank in 2012 and 2011, respectively, and continues to serve in those positions. Mr. Murphy joined Glens Falls National Bank in 2004 as Manager of the Personal Trust Department after 16 years as a founding partner in CMJ, LLP, a Glens Falls certified public accounting firm. He served in a variety of banking, trust and corporate capacities prior to leading the Company and Glens Falls National Bank. Mr. Murphy was elected as a Class A Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, one of three Directors representing member banks in the Second District of the Federal Reserve System. His 24 years of public accounting experience and more than 16 years in various management positions with the Company and its subsidiaries provide valuable experience and expertise.